TUESDAY 9 JAN 2018 4:00 PM


Ketchum announced a new executive committee for its London office. The committee will report into newly appointed CEO of Ketchum London, Jo-ann Robertson.

Comprised of Jo-ann Robertson and seven other senior leaders across the London office, the executive committee will be responsible for talent development, client service and setting the agency’s strategic agenda to drive business performance in the U.K.  

“As the communications industry continues to evolve at lightening pace, and as clients demand more impactful and compelling campaigns, it is vital that Ketchum London has a leadership team focused on innovation, creativity and delivering outstanding client work,” says Jo-ann Robertson. “These individuals are all passionate about the future of Ketchum and embody our vision, values and 'One London' approach. With the experience, skills and trusted counsel this group provides, we will together ensure Ketchum London’s continued success and growth.”

The executive committee consists of:
- Deirdre Murphy, chief operating officer, London
- Gavin Cooper, financial director, London
- Kirsty Sachrajda, head of HR, Europe
- Susan Smith, managing director, London consumer brand practice
- Jamie Robertson, managing director, London corporate and public affairs practice
- Kate Paxton, managing director, London healthcare practice
- Neil McLelland, managing director, Inspired Science
- Jo-ann Robertson, CEO, Ketchum London

One appointment to the executive committee is also a new addition to the Ketchum London team, as Jamie Robertson joins the organisation as managing director of corporate and public affairs. In addition to his executive committee responsibilities, he will lead the office’s corporate practice. He brings more than 14 years of experience in corporate reputation management, having previously held senior positions with FTI Consulting and the Communication Group. Previous clients include a broad range of international organisations such as Nokia, HSBC, Noble Energy and GE.

“We’re delighted that Jamie has joined our team during what is a very exciting time for our office as we transition to our new leadership team,” says Jo-ann Robertson. “He has a proven track record of driving growth as well as delivering exceptional work for some of the world’s biggest brands. He has a gift for motivating and inspiring his teams and is also a trusted and valued client counsellor, which makes him a huge asset to our agency. We’re thrilled to have him on board.”

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