THURSDAY 27 SEP 2018 2:48 PM


GangHut, the first agency to exclusively deliver marketing for online marketplaces, has launched. Recognising a need for specialised support for the growing ‘platform economy’ of peer-to-peer businesses, GangHut has created a global community of clients, partners and thought leaders collaborating in this new space.

GangHut offers integrated campaigns that understand the dual nature of two-sided marketplaces and speak the language of platform technology and blockchain. The agency also works with businesses that support the platform economy: ‘fintech,’ ‘insurtech,’ ‘trusttech’ and ‘paytech’ companies, as well as regulators and trade bodies.

 Their aim is to both service their clients and connect them, acting as advocates of the platform economy by participating in industry events as well as delivering thought leadership to move the sector forward. By increasing awareness and understanding of this transformative model for global trade, GangHut hopes to help position the UK as market leaders in this space by working with clients worldwide, launching international business locally and taking local businesses to the world stage.

GangHut’s growing team is based at the prestigious Spaces in Edinburgh and co-founded by MD Shelley Wright, a commercially-driven marketeer with over 30 years’ experience garnered in London, New York and Sydney for the likes of Ogilvy and American Express, and Gang Leader Elle Tucker, former broadsheet journalist and Leith Agency advertising creative – as well as co-founder of RUDE Communications, the first PR agency for the sharing economy.

"Living and working between Sydney and Edinburgh for the last seven years has given me a fascinating insight into the machinations of business and industry; how governments and corporations engage with new economic models – or not”, Wright explains. "We've identified a niche opportunity to help businesses successfully leverage the peer-to-peer economy through savvy marketing, whether they're operating entirely within the sector already or transitioning some or all of their commercial activities to a sharing or marketplace model."

“We specialise in six core areas: communications strategy, content marketing, social media, advertising, search and PR”, she continues. “But what’s really important is that we understand the long-term goals of our marketplace clients, so we can provide recommendations on what channel – or channel mix – will deliver the biggest bang for their buck. And the great thing about the Gang is that our clients love being part of it – they don’t just get our tailored service, they get to be part of a community of like-minded disruptors in this pioneering space”.

Tucker goes on to say that “We’re excited to be working with all kinds of marketplaces now, from e-commerce to sharing, and gig economy to peer-to-peer finance platforms, even blockchain platforms and their associated token sales. The platform economy is a new way of doing business, and we’re not just involved, we’re inspired – as are the entrepreneurs we work with. Like them, we believe this can change the world.”

GangHut has joined Sharing Economy UK, the trade body representing and championing the UK’s sharing economy businesses. Jenna Cane, sharing economy UK manager, says, “We are pleased to welcome GangHut to Sharing Economy UK. Having the first marketing agency amongst our membership helps us to represent a wider range of sharing economy businesses, and supports our objective to make the UK a global centre for the sharing economy.”