FRIDAY 3 MAY 2019 2:11 PM


Talent Village has confirmed a multimillion pound strategic partnership with Dorfman Media Holdings. The investment for the influencer marketing platform, founded in 2017, will enable the firm to recruit more talent, reinforce its global presence and start new ventures.

It will see the brand tech firm grow its 25-strong team across its offices globally, with a specific focus on the US, reinforce its presence in Paris and expand its suite of specialist technology platforms to better serve its customers.

Talent Village offers premium influence solutions for brands seeking to build meaningful social storytelling with highly engaged influential talent on Instagram. The brand tech firm – a hybrid between an agency and a platform – delivers bespoke influence strategies through its unique community of agency-signed models, actors, athletes and artists and is powered by an advanced tech platform. It has already run successful campaigns on behalf of premium brands such as Estee Lauder, LVMH and Chanel.

Charles Dorfman, CEO of Dorfman Media Holdings, will join the board of Talent Village. Dorfman Media Holdings made the investment after spotting the potential of the firm to expand in the rapidly evolving influencer industry. 

William Soulier, CEO of Talent Village says, “We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Dorfman Media Holdings. Our strategy has always been to raise the minimum capital required to limit dilution and grow organically. However, this investment will help us to accelerate our development and grow the business faster. Timing is key in this ever-changing landscape. 2019 is a big year for Talent Village. Along with a brand refresh and name change, it will see us promoting best practice for influence within the industry. We will continue to battle follower fraud, enhance data insights and audience transparency, as well as produce greater quality content through more creative storytelling and facilitate more meaningful collaborations with talent. We are also broadening our scope of talent from models to athletes, artists and actors, hence the name change.”

Dorfman adds, “We are delighted to be partnering with Talent Village as part of our strategy to invest in dynamic media-related businesses. Talent Village is a fantastic company that has built an excellent reputation through the quality of its work and extremely impressive client base. We look forward to working with William and his management team to grow and innovate in serving our clients in the ever-changing influencer landscape."

The investment in Talent Village sees Dorfman Media Holdings take a significant minority stake in the firm. Talent Village will remain under the leadership of its founders Soulier, Adrien Thierry and Quentin Renard.