MONDAY 8 JUL 2019 12:40 PM


Having initially launched their application management (AM) service in October 2018, ​Delete​ has already acquired a list of high-profile clients to the service including Southampton Football Club, Royal Canin, KBC Advanced Technologies, Carter Jonas and the global manufacturing conglomerate, Roquette.

Capable of streamlining an entire company’s digital applications and platforms to a single point of contact,​ Delete’s application management service has been set up to manage high traffic, mission-critical websites and applications.

Delete’s advanced service model eliminates the challenges, delays and instabilities that are common to handling multiple platforms and third-party vendors with low levels of retained support, frequent change requests and a lack of proactive maintenance.

Delete’s AM service matches the pace of continually changing technology and marketing needs, by performing constant improvement tasks and maintenance on their client’s behalf. This is through ‘always on’ support, cloud hosting management and by adhering to strict service level agreements. All of which bolster the service to be a staple for big brands and multi-level businesses alike.

The company’s introduction of this new service has boosted its technology offering and has already seen growth, resulting in multiple senior hires and further office expansion.

Delete has now reached 21 full-time members of staff in its newly opened office in Cluj, Romania. Additionally, Delete has appointed a new head of application management, Catalin Stancel.

After almost 12 years as head of AM at the global agency, Endava, Stancel has made the move to Delete, where he will lead the service offer and perform a principal role in Delete’s continued growth and evolution.

In addition to this, Delete has also more recently appointed Nicu Bordea, as new delivery unit manager in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

With over 10 years of professional experience, Bordea brings a wealth of knowledge in IT, client engagement, project, team and service management.

Stancel says, “Typical agency support models will cross utilise the same people that are resourced onto their projects, for support tasks. Any traffic manager will tell you the same; this is a resourcing nightmare. At Delete we employ a dedicated team of passionate AM experts, who thrive on a sense of urgency and are trained to follow ITIL standards in managing and maintaining live, mission-critical environments. And because our teams are dedicated, we don’t have the same resourcing headaches that typical agencies have to cope with.”