FRIDAY 1 FEB 2019 4:55 PM


Orlo is an online engagement platform which provides companies with a ‘conversation ecosystem’ - the infrastructure and architecture to connect more effectively and critically, more meaningfully with their customers.

With companies interacting with consumers on so many different platforms, it can be difficult for them to move seamlessly between them the way their customers do. The platform provides these businesses with the ability to combine live chat, media monitoring, social marketing and more. The system enables what might previously have been entirely separate departments like customer service and marketing to intuitively share data and provide a more effective digital service for online customers.

Online supermarket Ocado is the latest company to take up Orlo’s social CRM. Ian Pattle, General Manager at Ocado, says, “Orlo’s integrated platform creates efficiencies between our social media and webchat teams, whilst also allowing our customer service teams more flexibility.”

The ‘conversation ecosystem’s allows companies to integrate many of their systems and subsequently produce more positive experiences for their consumers. It’s well understood that cultivating an emotional connection with a brand is incredibly important in inspiring brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. It is this favourable emotional response that encourages customers to become ambassadors for the brand.

Ben Nimmo, Orlo Co-founder & CTO says, "Delivering powerful customer experiences and marketing that cuts through the noise allows us to turn our audience into advocates, social connections and web visitors into customers, and encourages those that matter to see online as the best way to talk to us.”

Ocado joins Laura Ashley, Iceland, Hiscox and National Express. Samantha Cox, Digital Contacts Manager at National Express, says, “Orlo is a young, passionate and energetic team who are very responsive to changing customer trends, which really appealed to us as we wanted a future-proofed solution that would adapt as technology progresses.”