WEDNESDAY 29 MAY 2019 11:24 AM


MSL will be managing Yakult’s PR strategy and reputation, following a competitive pitch facilitated by the PRCA’s matchmaker service

Yakult UK and Ireland partners with MSL to bring to life the brand’s Japanese heritage and science credentials through an integrated consumer and corporate strategy, proactively seeking opportunities for Yakult to enhance its presence among target consumers, media, key opinion leaders and influencers.

This news follows the launch in September 2018 of Yakult’s ‘Science not Magic’ second creative installment. Through the brand’s distinctive tone of voice and quirky personality, the campaign continues to dispel the myths surrounding Yakult’s creation, reinforcing the company’s science background and the unique live bacteria found in each little bottle.

“We are delighted to be working alongside the iconic brand, Yakult,” says Alison Dunlop, managing director of health at MSL. “Our integrated team approach to communications allows us to address the needs of the rapidly evolving market, providing us with unparalleled benefits and insights for the brand.”

Emma Dita, PR manager of Yakult UK & Ireland adds, “We’re excited to take the next step in strengthening our unique positioning and science-based reputation across UK and Ireland audiences, celebrating our Japanese roots and staying true to our corporate philosophy, penned down over 80 years ago by our founder, the scientist Dr Shirota. MSL has demonstrated a clear vision for communicating our brand and product to our key target groups, and we are confident that we’ve chosen the best possible partner for the job.”

Yakult has had a strong UK presence since 1996, where on average 190,000 bottles a day are consumed, while the brand was first introduced on the Irish market in 2004, steadily expanding its market share since.