MONDAY 3 SEP 2018 3:15 PM


Splio announces the appointment of Charles Wells as chief marketing officer, underlining the group's objective to develop its digital and international marketing activities. In the near future, Splio will also make additional announcements that reflect a focus on product innovation.

"Charles Wells joined us to advance our C2B marketing vision," says Splio CEO, Mireille Messine. "His product expertise and his global connections make him the ideal person to communicate about our platform to marketers around the world."

After holding several positions in digital marketing as a chief product officer in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, Wells made a three-year venture into the e-commerce sector where he acquired new ideas, including valuable insight into the intricacies of e-marketing and the complexity of building a harmonized omnichannel marketing strategy. Bolstered by this newly acquired knowledge, he returned to loyalty marketing, joining the management team at Splio.

"Thanks to a platform that is perfectly adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of the market, Splio has been able to attract great brands over the years. The company has, thus far, been focused on developing a robust and market-driven platform. It has now reached a stage where increased investment in marketing is required to go to the next level. I am delighted to join the Splio adventure by putting my experience and knowledge of product and digital marketing at the service of this excellent example of the best in French Tech,” says Wells.

Wells' first task is to design a global marketing and communication strategy for the group. Already, he was at the forefront of the group's rebranding effort undertaken this year, which aims to reposition the brand on the market by reworking products and pushing a more up-to-date visual identity. The new logo, the new tagline 'Online. Offline. Aligned,' and the new website position Splio as the leading omnichannel loyalty marketing platform totally focused on on- and offline convergence based on customer insight.

The addition of new industry-first features has increased innovation and functionalities delivered by the Splio platform, giving Wells a strong base to position the product as a market and technological frontrunner, one that provides a path towards success for brands in all sectors.