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Case study: Getting results from an integrated campaign

Medecins Sans Frontieres operates at the frontlines of the world's emergencies. It delivered an integrated campaign that used its operational practice of responding to a crisis within 72 hours as a key creative element. Combining advertising, video content, social media targetting and PR, the team was able to deliver not only a successful campaign, but a huge amount of fundraising at a crucial time.

Lee Butler Lee Butler
UK digital lead
Medecins Sans Frontieres


Content counts in reputation

Managing corporate reputation is of the utmost importance for communications teams. How are the protectors of a company’s reputation delivering content to support their brand’s positioning, internal communications and overall engagement? This session explores the ways in which corporate video, internal communications and standout communications can support a company’s reputation.

Laura O’Connell Laura O’Connell
Head of Corporate and Capital Markets

Arno Schikker Arno Schikker
Manager, corporate communications
Royal Boskalis Westminster

Joe Tyler Joe Tyler
Internal communications manager
Avanti West Coast


Case Study: Virtually engaged



Using heritage to tell the corporate story

Companies can use any number of storytelling techniques to support their brands. Some put their heritage to good use as they develop content that brings those brand stories to life. In this session, we'll hear from communicators who have used their companies' histories to develop and deploy strong narratives throughout their content.

Elise Hamer Elise Hamer
Global PR and communications manager

Mona Patel Mona Patel
Group head of external communications
Royal London


Case Study: Creating influential content



Live events, reframed

Covid-19 has forced companies to transform live events into digital events. Has this revolutionised audience engagement? Can online events achieve the same levels of engagement and communications ROI as in-person events? In this session, we’ll explore how live streaming to employees has changed internal comms, B2B meetings in a digital space and the how company-wide expos have evolved in an online world.

Amaris Cole Amaris Cole
Senior digital communications manager
Church of England

Chris Scott Chris Scott
Head of corporate communications
London Sport


The print vs digital debate

As the world moves toward digital content, can print still make an impact? In this session, three communicators will discuss how they’ve achieved print cut-through in a digital working environment. Whether it’s through flyer campaigns for the internal audience or publications or the annual report, print still has a place in corporate content. Furthermore, speakers will examine best practice in evaluating the effectiveness of printed content without the ability to measure ‘likes.’

David Boardman David Boardman
Director of communications and engagement


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Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
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