TUESDAY 9 NOV 2021 9:00 AM - TUESDAY 9 NOV 2021 4:30 PM


DataComms 2021: Corporate communications in a post-pandemic world.

The modern communications era is the age of data. Data influences the way communications is developed and implemented, as well as how it is evaluated. It determines brand, social media and PR strategy. It has an impact on how corporate reputations are managed. But, after a world-changing pandemic, how are companies approaching the collection and use of data?

Following a successful virtual event in January, this conference will explore best practice in the use of data in communications. It will examine the changing role of the corporate communicator and the ways in which data can be better integrated into a communications strategy. Speakers will explore evaluation strategies, data aggregation and analysis, the role of data in corporate communications, leadership communications and the changing nature of corporate communications.

As this year will have two conference streams for you to enjoy, you can bring a colleague or peer at half price. However, book your place by 2 July 2021 using discount code DATACOMMS30 for an extra 30% off single tickets and ticket pair packages!

** Keep an eye out for speaker and agenda announcements **