WEDNESDAY 27 APR 2022 9:00 AM - WEDNESDAY 27 APR 2022 5:00 PM


PodComms 2022: the must-attend conference on corporate podcasting

Following the huge success of the virtual PodComms conference, Communicate magazine is proud to announce its return in 2022.

Since last year, podcasting has grown even more exponentially and has now fully consolidated its position in the mainstream, including in the corporate communications world. With face-to-face interactions forever changed due to Covid-19, corporate communications professionals have turned to podcasting like never before, using it as a tool to connect with its external and internal audiences.

At PodComms 2022 speakers will explore topics such as the ways in which podcasting can be built into a corporate communications strategy to benefit leadership engagement, brand and reputation management, how podcasts can bring transparency and agility to an internal comms programme, and determining the right standards, including which issues to consider. There will also be a SoundBites stream dedicated to the best practice in corporate podcasting, where speakers will share their experiences with podcasting, including real life examples from different sectors.

PodComms 2022 will take place on 27 April 2022, in Central London. As this year will have two conference streams for you to enjoy, you can bring a colleague or peer at half price. However, book your place by 1 November 2021 (using code PodComms30) to receive a further 30% off.

** Keep an eye out for speaker announcements **