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The keynote address will examine the introduction of podcasting to C-suite communications. It will discuss the ways in which corporate leaders are becoming involved with audio communications and the benefits to engaging corporate audiences with business leaders.


Podcasts and internal communications content development

Podcasts are often used to reach and engage with a company’s internal audience. This session will explore the benefits podcasts can bring to an internal comms programme, including transparency, agility and building emotional connections. Speakers will explore the content development strategies and creative uses of audio that have helped them build stronger, more engaged workforces.


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The podcast versus video debate

For years, corporate video has allowed communicators to reach their audiences with an engaging form of content. However, podcasts are similarly effective at delivering messaging and may have other advantages over the use of video. This session will compare the use of video and podcasts in corporate communications. Speakers will discuss content strategy, ease of development, cost and audience engagement as they debate the benefits of film and podcasting.



Getting into podcasts through collaboration

Though bespoke, individual podcasts are popular among corporate communicators, many are turning to collaboration to achieve their audio communications objectives. In this panel, speakers will discuss the ways in which they collaborate with existing podcasts, work with influencers and engage with audio channels in lieu of going it alone.


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Building podcasting into a corporate communications strategy

With a little focus and commitment, implementing a podcast is a straightforward process. However, building a podcast or series of podcasts into a wider corporate communications strategy requires a considered approach. How do companies fold audio communications into their existing communications methods? What kinds of objectives do they set for podcasts and how do they measure ROI? This panel will explore the use of podcasts within a wider communications strategy. Speakers will discuss leadership engagement, internal communications and brand and reputation management.


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Setting the standards

How should companies engaging with podcasts or audio communications set the standards for their work? What kinds of issues must they consider when determining editorial standards, crafting an audio tone of voice and aligning the audio brand with the corporate or employer brand? This session will explore the ins and outs of implementing a podcast, from the use of language to the delivery process, all while ensuring consistent standards are applied across all aspects of corporate communications.


Internal communications and corporate change

Podcasts can be a versatile tool in an internal communicators toolkit during times of corporate change. Whether it was Covid-19, a period of M&A, a brand transformation or a leadership change, podcasts have helped communicators achieve more over the past year. This session will discuss the ways in which podcasts can be used to engage employees around corporate change. Speakers will share successes and best practice in communicating through uncertainty.


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Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
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