WEDNESDAY 3 NOV 2010 12:08 PM


New research has identified the most influential bloggers, forums, Twitter users and social network groups in the UK’s financial sector.

The study, by PR software company Cision, sets outs the top ten financial industry tweeters, Facebook pages, top 25 industry magazines plus the leading 25 corporate finance blogs and the 25 most influential personal finance blogs.
Each ‘influencer score’ is calculated by a range of criteria, including audience reach, followers or members, frequency of posts, engagement levels, which “reflects the growing importance of social media within the financial sector”. The ranking is available for download from the Cision website.
The research coincides with the launch of Cision’s enhanced Premium Media Profiles for journalists and outlets who cover UK financial sector issues. The profiles contain intelligence from and about social media and traditional influencers as well as internet news, print and broadcast channels that focus on a variety of financial topics.
“The media landscape is rapidly evolving and, to continue providing the best service for their clients or brand, communications professionals need to know who the key influencers are in their sector and how they prefer to be approached,” said Peter Granat, CEO of Cision Europe.
The top ten UK corporate finance blogs are: