WEDNESDAY 24 OCT 2012 8:57 AM


Communications recruitment agency Ellwood & Atfield have opened the world’s first communications-centred art gallery, the Ellwood & Atfield Gallery, in Smith Square. The first exhibition focuses on authenticity in communications and public affairs with 60 portraits of individuals on display.

The gallery will explore the increasingly interrelated fields within the communications, public relations and marketing worlds and spark engagement with the future of the communications industry.

The first exhibit, ‘authenticity: want it, got it, lost it’ features portraits of notable figures from Nixon and Kennedy to Bono. Visitors at the gallery launch voted on which of the depicted figures best exemplified the three subcategories of the exhibition’s theme. According to votes, Tony Blair has lost his authenticity, Barack Obama wants it and Queen Elizabeth II has still got it.

The exhibit is constructed in this way because, according to the gallery, authenticity is key to communicating successfully.

Upcoming exhibitions include political cartoon awards and communication in labour relations. The ‘authenticity: want it, got it, lost it’ exhibition is open until 21 December.