THURSDAY 6 DEC 2012 3:56 PM


The UK is in for three more years of austerity measures, the economy has yet to fully recover from the recession and the banking industry is still regarded with some skepticism. The reputations of financial services institutions hang in the balance amidst this landscape.

Addressing the issues of reputation, brand and communications in the financial industry, the fourth-annual  Reputation in Financial Services conference, hosted by Communicate, will take place on 22 January. The conference has established itself as the headline event for communications professionals in the financial industry.

This year's edition of Reputation in Financial Services will focus on moving the industry away from the culture of short-termism that was defined in July’s Kay Review. Speakers from the biggest names in the industry will discuss the necessity of banks and financial companies to rebuild their relationships with the public and effectively managing their communications and reputations in a changing corporate landscape.

Paul Clements from the Financial Services Authority, which itself is undergoing a change in remit, will discuss the Kay Review and its impact on European banking. Neil Henderson of Mastercard will take delegates through the transformation of the brand through digital channels. Other sessions will examine reputation, rebranding and exclusive research results.

The conference is sponsored in part by Siegel + Gale and Kantar Media