TUESDAY 15 APR 2014 3:23 PM


The Corporate Engagement Awards has, for the past three years, honoured the best in corporate sponsorships, partnerships and corporate social responsibility.

The awards celebrate those partnerships that have benefits not only for the charity, community or non-profit organisation involved, but for the supporting business itself.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate sponsorships and partnerships and other community-led programmes have proliferated in the recent past. Companies are realising that not only do they have an obligation to do good, but that it is also in their direct interests to do so.

Numerous studies have been carried out to find a link between CSR and financial performance. However, recently, CSR is more often linked to corporate reputation. The impacts it has on both the employer brand and the company’s public image are not to be undervalued. By honouring those projects that demonstrate a mutually beneficial, are strategy-led and produce constructive objectives, the Corporate Engagement Awards provides the benchmark for work in this area.

Last year’s Grand Prix winner, Intuit and StartUp Britain, was selected because it provided a necessary service for Britain’s SME community and, while doing so, allowed Intuit a platform for testing its new payment technologies. The 2012 winner was a coalition of home improvement retailers, youth clubs and apprenticeship trainers that allowed for young people to gain skills while renovating their own youth centres and providing retailers with skilled apprentices.

Liz Foggitt, publishing & events manager at Cravenhill Publishing, said: “As sustainability, transparency and corporate responsibility becomes more prominent in corporate communication strategies, it becomes increasingly important to honour the best work being done. The Corporate Engagement Awards provide a great platform to share stories of the most inspiring and successful partnerships. Winning an award is always a perfect opportunity to show your team your appreciation for all their hard work.”

2013 winner, Simon Hambley, director of Live at Crown, said of last year's programme: "We are thrilled to have our Games Maker Orientation Events for LOCOG recognised and rewarded by a panel of communication industry experts. Since designing and producing these events, we have become the go-to agency for anyone in need of employee engagement expertise, regardless of the nature of the organisation. It has been an incredible journey from conception through to conclusion and one that has touched everyone in the agency. Our success at the Corporate Engagement Awards 2013 is fantastic recognition for all the team at Crown, who worked very hard to deliver success for our clients."

The awards are open for entry until 13 May, with a £100 discount, or 17 June, at the full price. For more information, email hannah.hodges@communicatemagazine.co.uk, call +44 (0)20 7498 7008 or visit corporateengagementawards.com.

Categories in the 2014 Corporate Engagement Awards are as follows:

Best arts and culture programme

Best charity, NGO or NFP programme

Best educational programme

Best environmental or sustainable programme

Best sports and leisure programme

Best combined programme

Best pro bono work for charitable, social or ethical cause


Most effective short term programme

Most effective long term programme


Best sponsorship activity to raise brand awareness

Best alignment of brand values through a sponsorship activity

Most effective sponsorship of a single event

Most innovative sponsorship activity  

Corporate social responsibility

Best programme to raise brand awareness

Best alignment of brand values during a CSR programme

Best community involvement during a CSR programme

Best collaboration for a single event

Most innovative collaboration

Best foundation programme


Best stakeholder communications

Best internal communications

Best PR and external communications

Best evaluation  


Best collaborative approach

Best execution

Best management of a programme


Best personal contribution during a programme

Best team effort during a programme

Grand Prix for best corporate partnership or sponsorship