MONDAY 18 JAN 2016 11:07 AM


The Greyhound Racing Association is launching a new Business Benefits Club with free membership for businesses and charities.

A CSR initiative, the club aims to make it easier for companies to raise funds for their chosen non-profit organisation through corporate events at the greyhound races.

Clive Feltham, CEO at GRA Ltd, says, “The tracks are regularly chosen as among the highest performing when it comes to raising money for businesses and the charities they support. We dedicate our own fundraising to The Retired Greyhound Trust, but in this special year we felt it was time to open up the tracks and the generosity of their patrons to other great causes, with some additional benefits they won’t find elsewhere.”

The companies and charities that host events will benefit from no-cost or reduced-fee elements of hospitality, including the opportunity to receive donations from the 3,000 or more people who attend each race event.

Business Benefits Club membership is free, but companies and charities are asked to register in order to automatically receive their discounts and complimentary services. GRA Ltd has tracks at Wimbledon, Perry Barr and Hall Green in Birmingham and Belle Vue Manchester.


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