MONDAY 11 FEB 2019 2:34 PM


Corporate partnerships, when done well, demonstrate a clear alliance of corresponding values, identities and interests. It's a strategic move that allows a company to identify itself with another company it admires, allowing for new creative endeavors and potentially attracting new customers from the partner company’s base.

In the case of Cuban rum company Havana Club’s recent partnership with Dutch apparel brand Daily Paper, the marriage of the two companies’ interests in street culture, tradition and eclectic style has born a one-off apparel collection and a limited edition bottle of Havana Club 7 Años. Both brands aim to reflect and celebrate the unique urban cultures that surround them, and thus their partnership, while unexpected, highlights their commitment to creating authentic, high quality products for their customers.

The alliance reveals that successful partnerships need not be predictable or safe, as long as the two companies share common principles and the joint goal of adding some form of value to both companies.

Moreover, their collaboration exemplifies more than strategic corporate marketing, but also both brands’ dedication to investing in the next generation of creative talent. The Cuban Links contest aims to nurture emerging talent by choosing three winning candidates, one each from the design, music and photography fields, to fly to Havana, Cuba for a week-long creative workshop where they will help produce new apparel pieces for the collection and a worldwide media campaign promoting the partnership.

“It is incredibly exciting to finally unveil the Havana Club x Daily Paper capsule collection to the world – it marks the start of the next chapter for Havana Club as we look to lead the rum revolution and recruit the rum drinkers of tomorrow,” says Ludmilla Stephkov, brand director design at Havana Club International. “We have torn up the rulebook of rum and look forward to collaborating with more artists and brands in the future.”

The eight-piece collection is inspired by Cuban streetwear, particularly the classic Cuban links gold chain, and features black and gold pieces including a t-shirt, jacket, button up shirt and hip flask. Additionally, the limited edition bottle of Havana Club 7 Años features a unique Daily Paper x Havana Club logo.