WEDNESDAY 30 OCT 2019 11:06 AM


Ovarian Cancer Action has just unveiled a new video designed to help protect the next generation of women from a cancer that claims a life every two hours in the UK.

The I Will Survive video, which features little girls reciting the lyrics of Gloria Gaynor’s eponymous disco classic, was conceived by former Y&R/RKCR Vicky Jacobs, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer six years ago. It is part of an integrated campaign that includes press, posters, TV and digital advertising.

The video is designed to raise both awareness and funds for research. Actor Kate Winslet narrates the end of the film and urges the audience to make “a next-gen pledge for a girl you love” and donate £5 to ovarian cancer research. The actress lost her mother to ovarian cancer in 2017.

“As a family, we have first hand experience of the awful loss that comes with this terrible disease. Early screening and further research is invaluable. Raising awareness as well as funds becomes immediately empowering to women and girls whilst, at the same time, giving genuine hope for a brighter future and cancer-free lives,” Winslet said.

Ovarian Cancer Action CEO Cary Wakefield commented: “It was in the very first few weeks of my new role that I met VJ and this campaign idea was the first thing we talked about. For many years, ovarian cancer has been overlooked and underfunded but we really can change this. So many people have helped us bring this campaign to life and hopefully this is just the start of something really powerful.”