THURSDAY 15 OCT 2020 5:00 PM


In our pick of the latest in video communications we see a focus on whiskey brands, technology and innovation, and sustainability. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag on Twitter.

British American Tobacco

The international tobacco group British American Tobacco launched ‘A Better Tomorrow,’ a short video featuring some colleagues what a better tomorrow means to them. Answers range from ‘a better product and a better tomorrow for the environment’ to ‘a better community’ to ‘a better future.’ The video fits in with BAT’s wider strategy and ethos of delivering ‘A Better Tomorrow,’ which focuses on reducing the health impact of its business through a greater choice of less risky products to consumers. The strategy, set out in March 2020, aims at evolving the growth model through the development of the portfolio in tobacco, nicotine and beyond while also acting responsibly on a societal level.


As part of Black History Month, global telecommunications company launched a video that interviews a plethora of BT’s black graduates and apprentices to make their voices heard and learn how they have been feeling. The two-and-a-half-minute video features different black graduates talking intimately to the camera. They openly speak about their experiences being minorities in a workplace. ‘I’m tired,’ they all say in the first five-seconds. ‘I’m tired that people believe I’ve only obtained my accomplishments because of the colour of my skin,’ says a girl, while another claims ‘I’m tired of companies continuing to talk about the increase of diversity as a mere selling point rather than an actual want to solve the deep rooted issue,’ says another employee. They then tell the viewers all the accomplishments they have achieved, despite being black and having the odds stacked against them. The video seeks to highlight BT’s overall culture, values and approach to diversity and inclusivity, which is open and accepting, seeking career development for all employees regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity. Overall, the video aims at showing the audience that although BT is far from perfect (something which the graduates themselves admit) it recognises the need to do more to change.


Innovate UK

Innovate UK, UK’s Innovation Agency which funds and support science and technology across the UK economy, worked with strategic corporate content creators Nucco Brain to create ‘Prediction’ a new format for video series that mixes live-action shooting and animated sequences to give concrete form to the future. This video portrays Innovate UK’s predications for the future of robotics and AI will be like, in a video that combines both animation and real-life interviews. TV and radio presenter Sarah Lamptey interviews innovation lead for robotics and artificial intelligence Mark Emerton, who reveals that robotics could soon be used to venture into environment where its difficult or impossible for humans to work. As he says that, the video shows- through the use of animation- robots in the ocean and in space. The juxtaposition of Emerton’s explanation and different animations and illustrations render his technical explanations clearer and easier for the audience to follow, and more engaging.

Jack Daniel's

As part of Jack Daniel’s new global creative campaign ‘Make it Count,’ the world-renown whisky producer worked with creative agency Energy BBDO to create ‘Frist Timers’ a video celebrating the brands global audience and showcasing the Jack Daniel’s fans who choose to live boldly and try something they’ve always wanted to do. A woman, for example, is seen ordering ‘ one of everything’ off the menu and saying ‘I’ve always wanted to do this,’ while another throws her phone in the lake as her boss is calling.The video conveys Jack Daniel’s unique view of the world as an iconic, timeless brand and works within the larger campaign which focuses on the impact people’s lives when they decide to live and enjoy the ride, like Mr. Jack did in his own life.

“With ‘Make it Count,’ we have a long-term platform that resonates with consumers, especially in today’s environment, and carries the message of Jack’s bold, independent spirit. We know that this world class creative will continue to drive the successful globalisation of our Jack Daniel’s brand,” says Matias Bentel, chief brands officer of Jack Daniel’s parent company, Brown-Forman.

Redbreast Irish Whiskey

Redbreast Irish Whiskey, the world’s bestselling single pot of still Irish whiskey, unveiled Robin Redbreast, a character to inspire a new generation of whiskey lovers, which elevates the icon of the brand to the voice of the brand. Created by  The Public House with GCI development produced by Jelly London, the video series, the first of which is ‘Introducing Robin Redbreast,’ introduces the viewer a plucky yet charming character, with a dry with and Irish sense of humour that reflects the whiskey’s home and roots. Robin Redbreast’s new look is carved from wood, paying homage to the wood casks that help make the whiskey so special. Robin Redbreast has been designed to drive discovery with more whiskey fans, broadening its audience by creating a distinctive and memorable character for the range. Shot on location at Midleton Distillery, fans can also expect cameos from Irish Distillers’ expert whiskey blenders Billy Leighton and Dave McCabe.

‘We know that the Redbreast audience is driven by curiosity and that they discover new brands that they can engage with online. As we seek to widen the audience for the brand, it is a natural next step to introduce a modern-day digital evolution of our revered Robin that encapsulates the essence of the brand and the people who make it,” says Laura Hanratty.

Redbreast is also launching a global partnership with leading bird conservation charity, BirdLife International, to support the organisation on its mission to keep the common bird common.