THURSDAY 23 JAN 2020 3:52 PM


Here’s our selection of the latest in video communications from Japanese zipper brands to Hollywood brand partnerships. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag

Almond Board of California

The Almond Board of California, the world’s largest producer of almonds, has a campaign highlighting how the nutrients in almonds can help you get through the day. As a means of introducing the organisation to the UK market and improving awareness of California’s positioning as the world’s largest almond producer, the organisation seeks to capitalise on almonds’ natural healthy qualities. Created by agency Isobel, the multi-channel campaign, ‘Do You Almond?,’ is running across multiple channels including TV, influencer marketing, social, Spotify and podcast spots. The six short videos see people doing extraordinary things with effortless ease, seemingly fuelled by the natural power of almonds.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has teamed up with streaming giant Netflix to launch a new flavour, Netflix and Chilll’d. Designed to be eaten while binge-watching a Netflix box set or movie, the new ice cream is peanut butter flavour with pretzel swirls and fudge brownie pieces. The branded content partnership puts Ben & Jerry’s quirky personality on show, while uniting it with an organisation with shared values. Dubeed a ‘Nextflix original flavour,’ the film uses nods to Netflix original content, crafting a brand partnership based on shared objectives. The video refers to Netflix and Chilll’d as “the perfect pint,” declaring, “You’ll never want to watch Netflix without it.” Ben & Jerry’s CEO Matthew McCarthy says, “This is the perfect pairing between Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix, to bring more magic to millions of fans (taste buds) across the globe.” Netflix and Chilll’d will be available in supermarkets from February.


Heineken and the James Bond franchise have a partnership dating back 20 years. In advance of the eighth film to be launched during the partnership, a new ad has been released starring Bond himself, and Heineken’s zero alcohol beer. The partnership plays on tropes from the spy film genre while allowing for a sense of humour to come through, in true alignment with the Heineken brand. James Bond actor Daniel Craig stars in Heineken’s latest ad as himself, ahead of the release of the latest 007 movie, No Time To Die. On realising he’s left his passport in the back of a taxi, he gives chase through the streets in a nod to James Bond’s seemingly limitless energy to do just that, but then has to stop, gasping for breath. He eventually catches up with the taxi driver at an evening function where he borrows a tuxedo to fit in with the crowd. When she refuses to believe he’s Daniel Craig, instead calling him James Bond, he orders a drink – it is of course Heineken, with no mention of a martini, shaken not stirred.


Zipper and fastening brand YKK has developed a global PR campaign to engage with new audiences. Billions of people around the world use the company’s products each day without realising the scale of its operations – it employs more than 46,000 people – or its socially minded culture. The YouTube campaign is designed to help YKK interact more directly with young people who use its zippers and thereby drive awareness to this oft-invisible brand. Using an anime content style, the campaign, ‘Fastening Days,’ consists of four short episodes featuring a young boy, Yoji, a young girl, Kei, and their friend Kelly, who are superhero defenders of their town. Oscar, a robotic bear, helps them as they use zipper machines to solve various problems, from ripped shorts to an exploding airship. The zippers depicted in the series may be those usable underwater or made of plant-based material, allowing YKK to subtly introduce its product development outlook to a young audience.