MONDAY 16 AUG 2021 11:05 AM


After struggling to find work in the creative communications industry, despite having over 30 years of experience under her belt, Jane Evans has launched a new initiative to tackle the epidemic of unemployment in women over 50.

To address the career challenges facing women in the creative comms industry, Evans has co-founded the Uninvisibility Project, an agency that aims to raise the profile of women over 50. Alongside the agency launch, Evans has also co-authored and published a book Invisible to Invaluable – Unleashing the Power of Midlife Women.

Through sharing her own story, Evans hopes the platform will champion midlife female talent and help build their confidence. In 2019, Evans tirelessly searched for a job in the advertising industry, and despite having over 30 years of experience with big brands such as Revlon and Maserati, she was met with negative comments implying that her age restricted her ability to thrive in the current and modern market.

Jane Evans, co-founder of the initiative, says, “There is an epidemic of joblessness for women over 50, and almost half of women in this age bracket have no retirement savings at all. If we don’t act now, half a generation will retire in poverty. Both myself and Jacquie Duckworth, who I set up The Uninvisibility Project with, are determined to stem the tide.”

Now in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent employment crisis, the Uninvisibility Project has joined forces with the Brixton Finishing School and the WPP, to bring the initiative to life through dedicated and tailored training programmes.

Ally Owen, founder of Brixton Finishing School, says, “Our ethos is employment equity for ALL talent, so we jumped at the chance to collaborate and deliver VisibleStart with The Uninvisbility Project and WPP. We will bring our award-winning expertise at transforming the confidence, competence, and employability of talent marginalised by age prejudice.”

The programme will consist of a series of confidence building events alongside an online learning platform designed to train the participants in digital media skills. The WPP, a leader in the marketing and communications service sector, says it will aim to employ 20 of the women who complete the course by the end of 2021.

To sign up or find out more about the Univisibility Project click here.