MONDAY 29 NOV 2021 11:19 AM


Canon Nordic worked with creative agency, Uncle Grey Copenhagen, to create a new campaign in response to ‘The Great Resignation’ encouraging people to quit their job and pursue a more creative career.

Research from the World Economic Forum earlier this year, indicated that 40% of people were considering quitting their job to pursue work with more meaning. Canon has devised a new campaign in response to this phenomenon, which is now being referred to as ‘The Great Resignation.’

Cathrine Stenemyr, channel business developer at Canon says, “People have had time to think about what is really important to them and how they want to spend their working lives. Through this campaign we’re really pleased to come up with a pathway that could help someone launch an entirely new and creative way of working for themselves.”

The ‘Ready. Set. Quit’ initiative from Canon Nordic will enrol four recent quitters from the Nordics or Baltics in a mentorship program to become independent creators. The programme was built on recent findings from Google Trends which found ‘content creator’ was one of the most searched job prospects this year.

Participants will get a Canon EOS R5 camera and lens, a five-week mentorship program with professional creator,  Joey Palmroos, and they will be commissioned for their first assignment.

The supporting video campaign created by Uncle Grey shows the simple facts of the initiative on a black and white screen, cut between clear visual images and interview clips with professional filmmaker, Joey Palmroos.