FRIDAY 2 JUL 2021 2:28 PM


Carrefour, the multinational a department store, has collaborated with the video game Fortnite to offer its first creative map, which allows gamers to regain life only by eating healthily. It boosts the brand’s reputation as a campaigner for physical health and targets a niche group of consumers.

The ‘Healthy Map’ enables players to heal themselves only by eating fruits, vegetables and fish, where they would usually use healing kits and potions to recover health points. Publicis Conseil worked on the campaign with the help of MakaMakes and it’s Beyond team who designed the Fortnite creative map.

The map transports gamers to the ‘Carrefour of tomorrow’, which is an ecological and responsible supermarket with electric recharging station, trucks running on biomethane, a responsible fishing zone and a farm respecting animal welfare.

The campaign works to improve Carrefour’s relationship with gamers and offers a new experience for them to directly interact with the brand in a positive way. The message ‘to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day, it’s this way’ is catchy and plays on the well-known physical wellbeing message to consume five fruit or vegetables a day.

The video trailer uses upbeat music over clips of the game, giving users an insight into the ‘Healthy Map’ innovation. It works to generate awareness of the campaign and grab the attention of Fortnite’s 350 million players worldwide.