FRIDAY 8 OCT 2021 12:59 PM


Production company, Gorilla Gorilla! has produced a short documentary film telling the story of champion swimmer, hip hop lover and free spirit Joe who was born with Downs Syndrome.

As he celebrates his 30th birthday, the video shows Joe exploring what matters most to him and what he hopes to achieve in years to come.

Louis Leblique, in-house filmmaker at Gorilla Gorilla!, says, “I have known Joe for most of my life and have always thought he would make a wonderful subject for a documentary. I feel that even today individuals like him are rarely given the platform to express themselves.”

Filmed in France during lockdown, the video works to highlight the importance of mental wellbeing and human connection. Between interview clips of Joe talking about what makes him happy, he is filmed enjoying life with friends and family. Later in the video, Joe discusses his experience of negative social judgement and how he overcomes this with a positive attitude of acceptance and kindness.

Each year Gorilla Gorilla! gives its employees the opportunity to explore stories and techniques in a longer and deeper format. With a particular focus on promoting inclusion and diversity, this initiative ensures employees have the opportunity to create work that is meaningful to them. It also works to engage with potential clients and showcase the creative skills the production company has to offer.

“In its own small way, I hope that this film can shine a light on an experience of the world that is deep, empathetic and joyful – and one that I think we can all take something from,” adds Leblique.

Joe from GG! WIP and Delivery on Vimeo.