TUESDAY 12 OCT 2021 9:29 AM


McDonalds has launched a new campaign which aims to communicate its positive impact on people and the environment through its sustainability initiatives.

The video campaign coincides with the release of McDonalds’ new business and sustainability strategy, Plan For Change. Part of the sustainability pledge sees McDonald’s UK and Ireland commit to no longer using toys made from non-recycled or non-renewable forms of hard plastic in its Happy Meals. On a more long-term scale, the brand is aiming to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.

The ‘Change a little, change a lot’ campaign visualises McDonald’s Plan for Change sustainability pledge through three 40-second videos supported by 30-second radio advertisements and social media assets. 

Creative agency, Leo Burnett devised the campaign using the brand’s signature bright colours and upbeat music, while a over outlines the tangible steps the brand is taking to improve sustainability. 

“We re-use our cooking oil to make biodiesel that helps fuel our trucks. Millions of old McCafé cups become greetings cards and those Happy Meal toys still making kids smile now they’ve become playgrounds,” says the voice over. 

The video works to combat negative external associations with the McDonalds brand due to its large use of single use plastic packaging and unsustainable farming practices. The campaign focuses on waste reduction and visualises the steps McDonalds is taking behind the scenes.