FRIDAY 7 JAN 2022 10:02 AM


Insurance and asset management company, AXA, has worked with international creative agency, Publicis Conseil, to convey a more human brand identity by telling emotive human stories.

The new campaign titled ‘Birders’ tells the story of Yara, a little girl who is left in the care of her grandfather, who is initially grumpy and reluctant to interact with his granddaughter. The pair gradually bond over their shared love of birds and the elderly man is inspired by his granddaughter’s enthusiasm for life.

Relating back to the AXA brand, the video shows the man’s car being damaged by a tractor while on a birdwatching trip. However, he is unphased once he knows both his granddaughter and their precious birdwatching equipment is safe.

At almost four minutes long, the film uses the power of storytelling to take viewers on a journey through the relationship and convey its message to ‘stay focused on what matters.’ The campaign aims to but ‘real-life’ at the heart of the brand and make AXA part of a wider emotional story.

The video is part of AXA’s long-term strategy to move away from a solution mechanic towards a more insightful and human tone. The cinematic piece was directed by Australian director, Sean Meehan, and supported with original music from British composer, Sam Thompson.

The multi-country campaign will be aired in Ireland in January, and Switzerland this April.