TUESDAY 18 JAN 2022 12:04 PM


Swedish food company and producer of dairy alternative milks, Oatly, has produced a puppet storytelling campaign encouraging people to make more sustainable life choices.

The campaign titled ‘The New Norm&al Show’ features two puppets called Norm and Al. The puppets will become the face of the brand as the company launches its biggest ever UK campaign. Comprising of five short videos, it tells the story of the puppets journey to become more sustainable.

It aims to start a nationwide conversation about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. “After trying to help people eat more plant-based with super long Instagram posts, dorky Superbowl ads, nonsensical headlines and picking on dads in the UK, we’ve now landed on puppets to do the job,” says Michael Lee, creative director at Oatley.

The different videos cover various topics including flexitarianism, as Norm says ‘It’s okay! You don’t have to break up with meat for forever. It’s alright to sometimes eat cheese whenever. Why not dip into the vegan world some days? Come on and eat the flexitarian way!’

In 2019, the company replaced its marketing department with the Oatly Department of Mind Control. For this campaign, the in-house creative agency worked with director, Conor Finnegan and production company Nexus. Puppet maker, Andy Gent, created ten puppets and eight different sets.

The show launch will be supported by an OOH campaign with coverage in the Guardian and Observer.