TUESDAY 24 MAY 2022 10:30 AM


Aimed at helping creators who delve into professional topics, such as tech, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, and sports, the six-week programme will provide coaching, recognition and resources to bring their ideas to life on the social media platform. Some of the most prominent LinkedIn UK creators are set to be mentors on the programme.

The Creator Accelerator Programme, which launches today, forms part of LinkedIn’s $25 million pledge to supporting creators around the world. In giving a financial grant to UK creators, it offers them a unique chance to learn how to build engaging content and communities, as well as teaching them how to spark productive conversations.

Julien Wettstein, head of creator management, EMEA and LATAM, at LinkedIn says, “Creators are increasingly becoming the beating hearts of our LinkedIn feeds. With the UK Creator Accelerator Programme, we want to help take their presence on LinkedIn to the next level to grow their following, reach new audiences, and unlock new business opportunities with the content they’re creating and the conversations they’re sparking. 

“We have seen that the more conversations that happen on LinkedIn, the more opportunities become available to members everywhere,” he adds. “The goal is to equip a diverse range of voices with the right resources to help them bring their ideas to life, to inspire and enrich the professional lives of our 32 million UK members.” 

Having trialled the programme in both the US in September and India already, this forms the first attempt from LinkedIn to support creators in the UK. The programme will target creators from a wide variety of industries and professional topics, shortlisting those who are able to create the most passionate communities. Mentorship forms an important part of LinedIn’s scheme and will include BBC’s The Apprentice 2022 winner, Harpreet Kaur, as well as investor and entrepreneur Casper Lee.

Kaur comments, “I have found LinkedIn invaluable along my journey as an entrepreneur and a creator. My only wish is that I had started using it earlier on in my career and made the most out of the network and all of the tools it has to offer.  That's why I am so excited to be part of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program in the UK, as I get to share my experiences, lessons, and hopefully can mentor and inspire other creators! I know that if leveraged well, the potential of LinkedIn as a platform for creators is limitless and the opportunities are huge!”

LinkedIn’s commitment to creators has extended in recent times with the addition of creator analytics, new profile video tools, better access to newsletter publishing, and updates to its creator mode. All of this is with the aim of supporting creators to do their best work.

Creators can apply to be a part of the Creator Accelerator Programme here