TUESDAY 15 MAR 2022 12:14 PM


Two thirds of women in the UK believe their organisation is ‘behind’ when it comes to gender equality, according to research from global technology consultancy, Thoughtworks. Career prospects, personal development, and parental support were identified as some of the key issues standing in the way of gender equality.

Thoughtworks conducted a nationally representative survey of over 1,000 women, looking at gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The findings reveal that 63% believe their company is behind when it comes to equal pay and equitable opportunity, while a lack of representation and career development were highlighted by 64% as an area in need of improvement. 

Amy Lynch, head of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Thoughtworks UK, says, "There have been some seismic shifts in just a couple of generations, however our results serve as a reminder that the finishing line is still some way off.”

Only 39% of women could point to initiatives that have actively addressed gender inequality in the workplace. Looking at the specifics of the problem, the survey found a significant proportion of women feel that their organisation does not have a plan, or an understanding of where to start when addressing equal pay, representation, or career development.

Supporting parents in the workplace was found to be an issue for 63% of women who felt that their organisation was behind the industry standard when it came to supporting working parents, with just 18% stating their organisation has an official return to work programme.

Thoughtworks also conducted research across a survey of men, women and underrepresented gender minorities, which found 89% agreed there were business benefits from championing gender equality issues including stronger employee relationships and staff retention.

“We have to be candid that some challenges remain, but we can change this with positive action, effective policies and dedication all year round,” adds Lynch.