TUESDAY 31 OCT 2017 4:38 PM


Darren Scott, editor, Gay Times

How do you choose which stories to write?

Personally, the stories that I choose to write myself are ones that I really care passionately about, or feel that they require some sort of extra gravitas as being from the editor of the title. But generally, for the magazine overall, we collectively choose the biggest and most relevant topics and releases for that month and try to do them justice.

What is the hallmark of a strong relationship with a PR?

That you end up becoming friends with them. I’ve been really fortunate to have become really good friends with many PRs. I think from a business sense, people that come back to you time and time again because you they know that you’re pleasant to work with, friendly and helpful. That’s a good measure that you’re doing it right. PRs are essential to what I do on a day-to-day basis. And if it wasn’t for them coming up with, shall we say ‘unique,’ ideas to promote things, I wouldn’t have done half the incredible things I’ve got up to over the years.

How has the way you interact with PRs changed due to technology?

Well obviously email is the big one, though we take that for granted. It’s rare to get an actual phone call these days. Although that said, there’s always the inevitable ‘phone call to see if you received the email.’ The rise of ‘influencers’ and social media has also changed a lot of things over the last decade. Now there’s a lot more interaction with PRs via Instagram or Twitter. In fact, quite often people prefer that to print coverage.
What qualities do you most value in PRs?

Honesty. No wait, why are you laughing! Genuinely I prefer a PR to just be up front with me and say what we can or can’t achieve.