FRIDAY 17 FEB 2023 12:22 PM


Tim Baker, marketing manager at Signagelive, makes a case for introducing cloud-based digital signage to corporate communications, as organisations grapple with new challenges.

Corporate communications may once have been limited to a supporting function but today this is far from the case. Seismic socio-economic and cultural shifts have entirely changed the game, driving the emergence of a new era of activist and deal-breaking communications strategies. Assuming an ever-more prominent role, this rapidly growing communications style now demands a more expansive approach and a whole new system of audio-visual technology to support it.

Digital signage, powered by cloud-based content management systems (CMS), has quickly emerged as a front-runner solution, but what exactly can the technology do to help affordably advance the roll-out of more impactful corporate communications?

Creating USP-filled campaigns to retain talent

An invaluable support in the fight against the Great Resignation, cloud-based digital signage can now help retain more talent by enabling organisations to promote their companies’ unique selling points (USPs) and reputation-enhancing statistics.

Without any graphic design or coding experience, teams can use integrated content management system tools, like Screenfeed Connect, to design content filled with data, such as employee survey results.

Engaging employees in meeting rooms

The integration of some enterprise-grade CMS platforms with wireless collaboration systems like Barco ClickShare is also helping to broadcast employee communications where its most likely to be seen – the meeting rooms, where employees now spend most of their time at work. It is effectively a way to ensure a captive audience for department-specific or company-wide notifications.

Delivering attractive workplace experiences

Cloud-based digital signage is also becoming increasingly important in the industry-wide effort to entice employees back to the workplace.

Enterprise-grade CMS platforms with data integrations can offer immersive big-screen data visualisation experiences that enable employees to see, at a glance, the latest actionable insights in near real-time, while they continue to work on their own devices.

Such integrations are entirely secure, making it quick and easy to roll out company-wide, password-protected data dashboards from any business intelligence platform, including Microsoft PowerBI and

Interactive experiences

Cloud-based digital signage isn’t just about the delivery of such big-screen campaigns. With the right cloud-based digital signage solution, enterprises can also affordably build interactive employee experiences that go a long way towards securing employee buy-in.

Company cultures and values can be brought to life through touchscreen displays that support intranet browsing, and integrated CMS vision AI solutions that change the on-screen content to suit different employee roles. This is in addition to interactive Lift and Learn experiences that can help train employees and market company products and services, as well as abstract company missions and sustainability strategies.

Designed with CMS triggers, Lift and Learn showcases enable employees to interact with products, samples and even recyclable materials, automatically triggering relevant content to the nearest screen every time a specific item is picked up from the exhibit.

A cost-effective solution

Setting up cloud-based digital signage is surprisingly quick, convenient and cost-effective. While the screens and media players are now available across most price points, cloud-based CMS platforms give you everything you need in an affordable subscription, saving organisations from having to invest in servers, software bandwidth, or security updates and maintenance.