FRIDAY 6 OCT 2023 12:22 PM


Gheorghe Marian Cristescu, chairman of Polski Holding Hotelowy, describes how the hotel's ambassador programme has become central to its employer branding strategy.

The idea for the 'ambassador programme' is linked to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the hotels of Polski Holding Hotelowy faced a unique challenge. At that time, we decided to be proactive and join the fight against the crisis by making our hotels available to Polish medics who were on the front line. We also decided to use our facilities as isolation rooms for the sick. In addition, children suffering from Covid-19 and their parents found shelter and support with us, which was particularly important during the difficult period of separation from loved ones. This common goal gave us a sense of purpose and pride in what we were doing.

All of these elements led to the creation of the ambassador programme, where we wanted to reward employees for community service outside of their core duties. As part of the programme, we recognise employees' involvement in community activities and collegial assistance both inside and outside the company. It is not just about exceptional deeds, but about an everyday attitude that creates an atmosphere of mutual care and support.

The innovation of the programme is reflected in the flexibility and variety of volunteering activities. Employees can participate in activities that suit their interests and adapt them to their schedule. Not only ordinary employees get involved, but also the company's management and board of directors.

Another aspect of the programme is the involvement in health prevention and participation in national and international initiatives and actions. We believe that by promoting healthy lifestyles, health prevention and environmental protection, we can contribute to the wellbeing of our teams.

Time has shown that the ambassador programme fits in with global social initiatives such as the 12 Pillars for Hospitality programme under the auspices of WTTC (The World Travel & Tourism Council). Our activities not only strengthen internal relations, but also influence the environment in which we operate.

The ambassador programme has become an integral part of our employee branding, influencing the perception of the company as a socially engaged organisation. Today, almost three quarters of employees actively participate in it, which is extremely encouraging. Our expertise in this area is unique - from a gamification platform that motivates action to automated processes that make it easy to track results.

An ambassador is not just a title or a position. It is an attitude that builds relationships and contributes for the good of the whole. The programme does not impose rigid rules or activities - people shape it according to their time, interests and needs. We focus on what is most important - building community, both internally within the company and with the community.

Watching our employees get involved in the ambassador programme, participate in community volunteering and become active members of their local communities makes me extremely proud. They are the ones who become true ambassadors for our company, strengthening the bonds between employees and relationships with the community. Our ambassador programme has evolved into a powerful tool for co-creating a society based on values and cooperation.