MONDAY 29 APR 2019 2:19 PM


The inaugural Internal Communications and Engagement Awards are taking place in London on 13 May. Wtv. has been shortlisted at the awards

Internal communication deserves an update. Establishing strong communication channels between regional and international locations and across functions is vital, and traditional corporate communication strategies are no longer sufficient for engaging diverse and often internationally based employees. Video is the key ingredient to creating impactful internal content with high engagement and retention levels, but it’s a specific kind of video that you need to add to the mix, and that’s employee-generated video.

Employee-generated video provides a chance for companies to break away from the traditional top-down communication style. In a new professional way, that still stays on target within corporate messaging, companies can now showcase, listen to and share the stories and opinions of their employees. Employee-generated content (EGC) is perceived to be authentic and trustworthy because it offers first-hand insight without the distancing ‘gloss’ of more traditional formats and approaches to video.

The development of smartphone technology has made video communication more impactful than ever by empowering your globally dispersed teams to produce content. Creating EGC with smartphones and the fast development of technology, such as enhanced in-camera functionality and apps, allows for more creativity to tell your brand stories. It provides an opportunity to showcase different locations, including sites and locations that would be difficult or dangerous to bring traditional film crews to. It allows you to capture employees outside of typical office settings, giving rich context to employee and management experience in the field.

For your next internal communication, amplify the voices of your employees and leaders with collaborative, authentic video content, thereby providing a face to your community and engaging your workforce by making communication personal again. This strategy allows you to capture the stories of your international teams and give them a platform to tell the important stories that matter to your company. User cases for this type of communication are unending, including training, video blogs, on the road diaries, showing a day in the life, updates, testimonials or showcasing project achievements, to name a few.

Now that you’re on board with employee generated content, the challenge is learning how to successfully engage and support your employees with the project. Using a corporate communication video capture tool like Crew Studio immensely simplifies the content creation process. Built-in features like a light meter, portrait frame and grid lines, guide users on how to create the best quality mobile video. The video task list ensures you receive all shots required for your given project and guides participants along the content creation journey in line with your corporate messaging. The secure system safely stores data in the cloud and not on individual devices.

Give your internal communication the boost it deserves and engage your audience with on-target, effective video communication, hopefully created with Crew Studio.

Joe Huxley, group head of production, wtv.

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