WEDNESDAY 29 MAY 2019 10:45 AM


The Corporate Engagement Awards is taking place on 12 June. Internet Matters is shortlisted for the awards

Technology and its exhilarating pace of change is accepted by most as a genuine force for good – expanding horizons, bridging communities, making life better and easier. Yet it has also brought about some of the most pressing issues society has ever faced. One of which is making the internet a positive place for children to belong, benefit and flourish.

Internet Matters recognises that businesses, families, teachers, policymakers and civil society must come together to do everything in its power to safeguard the internet for today and future proof the internet for coming generations.

We have to get better at managing the risks and harms that the misuse of technology imposes children and young people and to tackle the risks posed in their digital lives, from cyberbullying and digital wellbeing to inappropriate content and privacy issues. As technology becomes more meshed into our lives, our diligence in reducing risks and mitigating harms must intensify.

Internet Matters has united some of the world’s biggest technology companies and media institutions for one common purpose: to make the internet a safer place for children, and was founded to solely focus on this goal. We provide a framework for industry and government to work collaboratively around a unifying message to achieve maximum impact

In our five years so far, we have gone from strength to strength, making significant steps towards building awareness of the key issues among families, schools and those responsible for bringing up kids in the digital age.

Yet there remains so much more to do. As the advance in technology marches on, so must the need for an evidence-led, reasoned approach to give people the advice they need on the issues that matter most to them . We can only reach a wider audience and achieve an even greater impact with more support. We remain committed to both encouraging industry to join our coalition and ensuring we connect parents, carers and professionals with the very best advice, help and support.

We have taken on the responsibility to help in educating and equipping parents to be active participants in their children’s online world. This requires a consistent message, backed up by evidence, which signposts parents to a single destination. Internet Matters can only carry on making a difference with continued support and collaboration on a grand scale.

Carolyn Bunting is the CEO of Internet Matters

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