THURSDAY 21 NOV 2019 3:11 PM


Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a management consulting firm, announced that it has acquired AllofUs, a design consultancy based in London. The acquisition will broaden and deepen BCG’s overall digital offerings and strengthen its design capabilities in particular.

Sherif Choudhry, BCG Platinion’s managing director for digital products and services says, “We continue to expand our digital technology advantage practice. With this acquisition we are further enhancing our ability to bring top-notch digital design capabilities to our clients while welcoming incredible talent to our team – enabling us to continue to deliver even greater value and impact for our clients.”
Since its founding in 2003, AllofUs has been involved in digital innovation and service design, carving a niche for itself in a highly competitive environment. Its list of past and present prominent clients includes firms such as Sky, Microsoft, Samsung, Ikea, Google, Facebook and Yale University.

“Our capabilities in design thinking, coupled with BCG’s strength in business strategy, ensure that we are bringing to market an offering that can deliver value and impact for our clients at the highest level,” says Phil Gerrard, an AllofUs founding partner and the company’s CEO.

The AllofUs team will become part of BCG Platinion, which is an integrated part of DigitalBCG offering deep technology capabilities around design, engineering, architecture, and data and analytics, among other areas. AllofUs founders Phil Gerrard and Orlando Mathias will join Platinion’s leadership group.

BCG’s acquisition of AllofUs follows its earlier acquisition, in July 2017, of Maya, a digital design and innovation company based in Pittsburgh. Both acquisitions reflect the substantial growth  of BCG’s digital activities supporting design and innovation and complement BCG’s digital ventures and gamma teams.