FRIDAY 1 FEB 2019 11:49 AM


Geometry UK has announced the introduction of a modern-day brand and design practice, throwing out the traditional brand book and creating branding for the 21st century.

The practice moves beyond pure-play design to deliver branding across multichannel solutions, grounded in intrinsic understanding of consumer journeys and touchpoint applications. Geometry’s active design is powered by proprietary methods of active semiotics and active brand language, and, rooted in real-life application.

Geometry, for example, recently challenged conventional design codes, across channels, in the cereal category – currently facing restrictive legislation and shopper demand for a more holistic approach to cereal.

Fronted by Chris Ambidge, head of brand & design, alongside a leadership team of Martin Severs, brand & design strategy officer and creative directors Fai Leung and Jeremy Roots, the capability is supported by a multidisciplinary design studio with a team 25 designers, brand strategists and channel agnostic business leaders.

Ambidge says, “Traditional brand books and guidelines are no longer fit for purpose. Beautiful brand worlds are failing to translate to real world application across multiple markets and channels – costing clients time, money and energy – and damaging brand equity in the process. Our approach is to marry the craftmanship of pure-play design agencies with omnichannel experience, creating work both beautiful and business-effective; building brand love and growth”.

The practice has recently landed a place on Coca-Cola’s global visual identity agency roster, and, is developing application guidelines for Unilever. The practice is working with brands across the retail, FMCG, fintech, pharma and charity sectors.

With hubs in Hamburg, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro, there are plans to build the capability across the Geometry global network.

Comments Geometry UK CEO Michelle Whelan, “Changing shopper behaviour and Innovation in marketing technology and data are driving an omnichannel approach to brand growth. We believe Brand & Design plays a leading role in the mix – a fact recently confirmed by McKinsey reporting companies most focused on design grew by 10%. Geometry’s role is to guide our clients’ brands through the omnichannel journey and deliver growth conversion. We’re delighted to bring this capability to market.”

The new offering follows the 2018 launch of Geometry’s innovation practice and the flagship retail 3D experiential space as part of agency’s strategy to accelerate client brand growth through innovation.