THURSDAY 3 SEP 2020 2:26 PM


The Museum of London is looking for a consultancy to develop, in partnership with their team and Londoners, a new all-encompassing visual identity that goes beyond being a logo and breaks the mould of existing museum brands.

This new visual identity will be the cornerstone of a new overarching brand architecture launching in anticipation of the new Museum of London opening in west Smithfield in 2024. The visual identity will need to reflect the ambitions of the new site at west Smithfield, the wider transformative ambitions for the Museum of London Docklands, which will remain at its current location in West India Quay, and the organisation’s position as London’s shared place in the middle of it all – where all the city’s stories cross and collide.

To achieve this, the Museum of London is looking to work with the best design talent who are equally as passionate about enriching the understanding and appreciation of London and Londoners – past, present and future, as well as working with Londoners themselves. 

The end result of this partnership will be an innovative identity underpinned by the organisation’s strategic aims and brand framework that stands the test of time, appeals to a broad range of audiences no matter where in the world they are, and is recognised as best-in-class.  

The Museum of London is particularly interested in start-ups and SMEs taking up the brief either individually or in partnership although will consider anyone bringing an innovative approach to developing a brand identity.  

Andrew Marcus, head of communications at the Museum of London says, "Our ambition is to create a shared place in the middle of it all where all the city’s stories cross and collide. One of the ways we will achieve that is by building a physical new museum in west Smithfield, currently one of the largest cultural projects in Europe. Another is reimagining what it means to be a museum. Our existing visual identity has served us well, but our research tells us it does not reflect our vision for the future. We have a superb new brand strategy created with Londoners. We now seek a creative partner who will work collaboratively with the museum team and with Londoners to design a new visual identity ready for when the new Museum of London opens in 2024.” 

The Museum of London strives to create an identity that is truly London, that represents the openness of the city to all, and that is appealing and meaningful for the diverse population of London as well as for visitors from many different parts of the UK and the world.

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