TUESDAY 13 OCT 2020 2:31 PM


​Staffbase,​ the global mobile-first communications software company that engages disconnected and distributed workforces, has announced its acquisition of Berlin-based employee survey company teambay.

Teambay helps create modern working environments by engaging employees with customisable surveys. This provides HR and internal communications professionals with fast and in-depth insights that drive change. Regular pulse checks can be conducted on a variety of topics including important company initiatives, work environment satisfaction, managerial success, overall company culture, and more. Survey results help stakeholders understand gaps in engagement, and see where action is needed to transform their business.

According to a Gallup report​, 85% of the global workforce is disengaged, resulting in lost productivity. Employee surveys are a great way for human resources, internal comms and managers to get actionable feedback from employees, help change culture, and boost productivity.

“The acquisition of teambay closes the loop for internal comms and HR to work together to understand how employees feel as part of the employee experience, and drive engagement at the same time. Blending teambay's employee survey function into Staffbase solutions helps organizations to move from feedback to action within a single platform," says Staffbase CEO and founder Martin Böhringer. “Our clients often come to us because they urgently need to transform their business. With the addition of the teambay capabilities, Staffbase will offer an even more integrated employee experience platform, and simplify work for internal comms and HR."