WEDNESDAY 27 JAN 2021 1:48 PM


Digital asset management (DAM) technology provider Widen, has announced that premium makeup and cosmetic brand By Terry, has selected Widen for the provision of a DAM solution.

The partnership will see By Terry implement Widen’s DAM software, the Widen Collective, to accelerate and expand the digital reach of the cosmetic brand. By Terry’s strategic move to digitally transform its technology and processes is well-timed with the estimated market growth which is expected to exceed $80.5bn by 2024.

Paris-headquartered By Terry, produces award-winning luxury makeup, skincare, and fragrances. Founded by Terry de Gunzburg, By Terry’s award-winning products infuse skincare ingredients in luxury makeup formulas to perfect the complexion. Powerful ingredients including rose extract and hyaluronic acid feature in the innovative foundations, powders, lipsticks and mascaras.

Operating across 40 countries, By Terry had been in the market for a DAM solution to accelerate the company’s digital transformation and improve internal organisation processes. Previously, By Terry had been using a local server to manage its digital assets, including pictures, videos, banners, and graphic creations, but this came with drawbacks: difficult to manage and find the right version of an asset, and remote teams were unable to access the local server.

Through Widen’s cloud-based DAM solution, already trusted by more than 660 brands worldwide to manage more than 55m assets, By Terry’s marketing, creative, and sales teams are now able to:

  • Store and access the digital content they need to do their job via a single source of truth
  • Organise content using metadata to enable teams to locate the right asset at the right time
  • Map the creation of assets from design, through to final approval
  • Work collaboratively from wherever teams are based, while controlling access permissions

Jake Athey, VP of marketing and customer experience at Widen, says, “For brands like By Terry, DAM is a crucial enabler for managing digital content, and empowering teams to locate and deliver the right assets at the right time. In addition to this, our Workflow app digitally tracks proofing and approval of content which can then be added directly into the DAM system once it’s complete, eliminating manual approval workflows and improving the overall efficiency of our customers’ creative processes.”