THURSDAY 22 JUL 2021 3:48 PM


Critiqom, the omnichannel communications specialist based in Bellshill, has secured a four-year, multi-million-pound national framework agreement for the provision of postal services (Lot 2) with Scottish Procurement.

Accessed by central government, fire, health, local authorities, police, universities and colleges, third sector and other public sector bodies, Critiqom’s services will bring greater channel choice to recipients of transactional and business critical documents across Scotland.

Recognising the need to implement cost saving initiatives that deliver the greatest efficiencies, the Scottish Procurement tender introduced a second lot focusing on bulk, hybrid mail and digital communications to create greater choice for users and potential users of the framework.

As a result, the framework agreement will allow those accessing services through Scottish Procurement to modernise their approach to communications.

By providing recipients with greater channel choice, Critiqom will also implement greener ways of working by reducing the environmental impact associated with mail production.

As the majority of mail under the framework remains in Scotland, a supplier based locally is pivotal to drive more efficient communications for the public sector, which in turn, will lessen environmental impact and deliver greater savings.

Critiqom, a member of the Opus Trust Communications group of companies, will deliver all services within the framework agreement in-house, including its unique low-cost day-definite postal service, primepost. Organisations will benefit from its Scottish location and proximity to those accessing its solutions.

Director at Critiqom, Gerry Crawley, says, “This is a transformational agreement. It is an opportunity to look at the bigger picture and to use our knowledge to accelerate change for public sector organisations in Scotland. We know that we can deliver greater efficiencies and cost savings by encouraging the public sector in Scotland to adopt a new approach that embraces digital technologies."