THURSDAY 28 APR 2022 9:54 AM


The world’s leading sales enablement platform Highspot appoints performance-driven marketing and communications consultancy Hard Numbers as their lead PR agency in the UK.

Highspot was launched in 2012 to address the urgent need for technology that empowers customer-facing teams to do their best work—and make the most of every buyer interaction. By turning strategy into consistent execution and recommending the right content at the right time, sales enablement platforms encourage more effective and efficient collaboration between sales and marketing functions.

As an AI-powered sales enablement platform, Highspot provides data-driven insights for marketing and sales teams to optimise their customer-facing collateral and measure its impact, which helps to generate more revenue and drive better marketing ROI. 

Demonstrating the explosive growth of the sales enablement category, Highspot connected more than eight million salespeople, channel partners, services reps and customers in digital sales experiences in 2021, representing a 150 percent increase in platform usage from the previous year.  Highspot also boasts the largest community of sales enablement professionals anywhere in the world, already surpassing 20,000 users. 

Darryl Sparey, co-founder and managing director of Hard Numbers, says, “We’re so pleased to have been appointed Highspot’s PR lead in the UK. Coming from a sales background myself, the issues that Highspot’s technology helps to address are close to my heart. As an emerging category gaining more and more prominence, sales enablement is no longer an optional add-on for businesses and their sales and marketing teams. It’s a ‘must have’ with  enormous potential to drive growth and revenue. We look forward to helping Highspot lead this category in the UK and beyond.”