MONDAY 25 APR 2022 11:52 AM


Independent design consultancy The Frameworks today announces its appointment by Carbon Tanzania to develop its global brand strategy.

Carbon Tanzania has pioneered verified emission reductions as the basis for forest conservation in Tanzania for more than a decade. It has successfully launched three certified carbon projects in the country, which between them have saved millions of trees and changed the lives more than 100,000 indigenous people who are now financially rewarded for protecting the natural environment around them.

The Frameworks will be basing its creative, naming and strategic recommendations on stakeholder interviews, audience research, social listening and other market insights.

Ben Bush, partner and head of strategy at The Frameworks, says, “Carbon Tanzania has transformed an environmental imperative into a business proposition that they can take to local tribes, communities and governments. It’s a privilege to join their journey as they seek to reproduce the success of this important work in other countries.”

Looking to amplify the impact of these projects, the founders of Carbon Tanzania are building out the business to adopt a more global perspective. They have called on The Frameworks to develop a new name and brand for a global-facing business as well as making strategic recommendations around the future of the Carbon Tanzania brand, particularly in Tanzania itself.

Carbon Tanzania has shown that responsible use of carbon offset funds can have the impact they are fundamentally designed to achieve: the protection of forests and the millions of people and animals whose lives depend on them. The key is to establish clear ownership and incentives at a community level. The aim now is to find ways to draw on this experience in the establishment of similar projects around the world.

Jo Anderson, founder & director of Finance and Sales at Carbon Tanzania, adds, “Ours is a multifaceted story with plenty of subtlety and nuance, so we knew we needed a partner with a track record of delivering clear and compelling stories from even the most complex ingredients.”