THURSDAY 28 APR 2022 9:11 AM


That Thing have been appointed as the brand agency for bemyfriends. They have created the brand identity for parent company bemyfriends and for their first product, b.stage.

bemyfriends is a global fandom business builder, transforming the creator economy by putting creators first. b.stage is a bespoke platform builder, making creators’ lives less hassle and more rewarding. The founders and leadership team of bemyfriends have been behind some of the biggest brands and fandom movements in the last decade, including founding the WeVerse Company – the K-pop platform that helped make BTS a household name worldwide.

The power online is starting to shift – away from the gigantic platforms, and into the hands of the creators and their fans. bemyfriends was set up to make that change happen in a faster and better way, with the creators at the heart of it all. Their first product b.stage offers all the tools and services creators need to form deeper connections with their fans, helping them turn their creations into a sustainable business with simple transactions. Instead of bouncing from one platform to another to manage their fanbase, creators can build a home for their content and fans that adds value to their business.

That Thing have created a new brand and website to launch bemyfriends and b.stage. The identity for bemyfriends is based on a symbol that highlights the meaningful connections between creators and fans that the business makes happen. The brand is intentionally paired back – this is all about the creators. The central idea of the brand is summed up in the line ‘Make more of it’. If you make something people love, bemyfriends will help you to make more it – creatively, collectively and commercially.

The b.stage identity is inspired by the central idea of giving creators all the building blocks that they need to create their own platform.