FRIDAY 31 MAR 2023 11:30 AM


Folk communications agency, previously BrandContent, has partnered with Hijinx Theatre to continue its promotion of diversity within the communications industry.

Creative communications agency Folk, previously named BrandContent until its rebrand in November last year, has partnered with inclusive theatre company Hijinx Theatre to promote diversity within the communications industry.

Hijinx creates opportunities for actors with learning disabilities or autism through theatre and film productions, with the aim of challenging received notions around learning disability. In order to demonstrate its commitment to the representation of disabled people in communications, Folk will provide financial sponsorship to promote the operational running of Hijinx.

“At Hijinx we’re always excited to build connections with organisations committed to access and inclusion for all. By working together, Hijinx and Folk have a unique opportunity to inform each other's work, building understanding and seeding real change, ensuring that representation for learning disabled and/or autistic people is authentic, and that voices are amplified and heard,” says Sarah Horner, CEO of Hijinx.

 “As a charity, support from companies like Folk is invaluable in helping us to continue our work to pioneer, produce and promote professional and participatory opportunities in the arts and creative industries for learning disabled and/or autistic people.”