WEDNESDAY 14 JUN 2023 9:26 AM


Digital agency Hallam is set to support its new client, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, in a CSR move.

Digital agency Hallam will be supporting its new client, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), to raise its profile across new markets. Hallam hopes to prove its “alignment” to the charity’s values with the CSR move.

IFAW works across 40 countries to facilitate the cohabitation of animals and people. “The International Fund for Animal Welfare is already highly respected, with an incredible reputation across the charity sector, so we’re very excited to have the opportunity to help them grow into new markets,” says Hallam managing director Jake Third.

“Hallam is proud to work with a client with such a positive impact on the planet.”

IFAW digital fundraising and marketing director, Clare Sunderland, says: “As a charity, donations and increasing awareness are equally vital. We were looking for an agency who could manage and support a paid social media campaign across multiple different regions, targeting multiple audiences, whilst also working with our internal team to increase their knowledge.”