THURSDAY 21 NOV 2019 3:20 PM


TMF Group, a provider of international business administration services, has made a new hire as it continues to work in employee benefits services.

Mark Lindsay has been appointed as global solutions director, employee benefits, taking a leading role in developing TMF Group’s growing proposition to deliver a jurisdictionally agnostic approach to employee incentives services globally.

His appointment comes as TMF Group was granted a licence to offer employee benefits services in Abu Dhabi, adding to the licencing agreements already in place in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Jersey. That list is likely to grow further with Malta expected to join its portfolio in the coming months.

“Service providers are often guilty of shoehorning solutions into their preferred jurisdiction driven by where they have people on the ground and the structures they have in place, even though that may not be what’s best for the client,” says Lindsay. “Our wider multi-jurisdiction approach looks to address that, enabling corporates to find the right jurisdiction to suit their strategic objectives, rather than where their advisors might be based"

The team at TMF Group has also said that technology will sit at the heart of its solutions to ensure greater efficiencies and that highly mobile workforces – from oil rig to charity workers – will have easy access to their pensions, share options and investment plans.