WEDNESDAY 12 AUG 2020 9:07 AM


Fund management and investment business the Bangarra Group has appointed Howard Jones as its new head of sustainability & community.

Jones, who has had a career in corporate, public and philanthropic roles, has accepted the position alongside his existing role as managing director of St. Mellion Estate in Cornwall. He will be responsible for coordinating all the group’s sustainability projects and embedding these projects into the group’s everyday work.

Jeff Chapman, chairman of the Bangarra Group, says, “Twenty years ago, the decision was made to put philanthropy and caring at the core of the culture and set of values of the group. It felt like the right decision from the moment it was made and so it has proved over the years. Turn the clock forward and the culture and values base on which the Bangarra Group now operates is such a part of what the group does that it is strong enough to expand in purpose and impact to include sustainability and community as defined targets for our business activities."

“In that context, I am delighted to announce that Howard Jones has accepted the additional role of head of sustainability & community for the Bangarra Group.”

Jones' key responsibilities will include evolving St Mellion Estate as a sustainable social business, demonstrating then reporting upon sustainability and community impacts both at St Mellion and across Bangarra Group, putting the practical lessons from this into a wider model for proper integration of sustainability measures in fund management.