FRIDAY 11 DEC 2020 3:34 PM


Renowned strategy, design and communications company COLLINS is strengthening their approach amid the shifting role of brands in society by welcoming Taamrat Amaize as their new head of strategy.

In her new position, Amaize will further emphasize the importance of strategic insight in each of the consultancy’s key offerings as well as continue to refine their unique creative process. Her approach to brand building shatters conventional standards, challenging clients to consider broader and more diverse perspectives in their company narratives as well as examine the true face of their brand in the world. Amaize believes that Brand is a key driver that grows and scales Business and that brands must do more to be responsible for the communities they serve and support. The goal is to have a positive, ethical impact with everything they do. 

“We’re living in a seminal time,” Amaize explains. “‘Brand’ as a marketing concept has never been more simultaneously powerless and powerful. There is a large, vocal and constantly growing subset of audiences that are viscerally allergic to traditional branding. They distrust companies that will do and say anything just to scale, leaving societal landmines in their wake. So people now demand that the brands they support contribute and regenerate value rather than extract and exploit it. So that’s what I’m intent on doing more of at Collins- strengthening, growing and scaling our clients’ businesses in a way that can make a real, unignorable impact.”

Over her career, Amaize has worked with global brand consultancy Interbrand, and boutique firm Wolff Olins, guiding Fortune 500 clients through brand and business transformation before joining Collins. Amaize is also co-founder and creative strategy director for Skill Committee, a collective-based agency of brand and business consultants, strategic thinkers and creative directors hailing from the world's leading brand, advertising and consulting firms. Her work has championed strategically creative approaches to solving business challenges, moving beyond the traditional confines of branding to help businesses grow with equity in mind.

Amaize has already had an impact at Collins with her work on the reimagination of Robinhood, a pioneer in commission-free trading built on the philosophy that everyone should have clear pathways to wealth creation. Inspired by her mission of equity, Amaize’s work on the launch helped Robinhood articulate and strengthen its brand around this courageous ambition and help build it company-wide.