THURSDAY 15 APR 2021 4:02 PM


International communications consultancy Hume Brophy appointment Mark MacGregor as a senior adviser. MacGregor will provide strategic advice to Hume Brophy clients around how best to address reputational and regulatory challenges.

MacGregor has been involved in politics and communications for 30 years. He set up his own b2b PR agency, Marketforce Communications, in the late 1980s and sold the business in 2002.

He has been a Parliamentary candidate three times, was Director of Steve Norris’ bid to become London Mayor in 2004 and was CEO of Conservative HQ from 2002-2003.  He was also part of Michael Portillo’s leadership campaign.  In addition, MacGregor was deputy director of Policy Exchange for two years in the run up to the 2015 General Election.

MacGregor has also worked in house as a director of Corporate Affairs overseeing high profile public affairs and corporate communications campaigns. More recently, he advised a range of corporate clients while working for Stonehaven from 2020-21.

Edel Bach, managing director of Hume Brophy UK says, “Mark MacGregor has exactly the right mix of skills and experience to offer clients the strategic thinking that comes from having worked inside politics and business for 30 years. He has the ability to bring that experience to bear having advised politicians and businesses at a senior level, to help them navigate the trickiest issues.”

Mark MacGregor says, “Hume Brophy has built an outstanding reputation for running pro-active communications and public affairs programmes that deliver practical, measurable benefits – that is why I am delighted to join the firm.”

Mark MacGregor was included in PR Week’s Powerbook from 2017 until 2019 and as one of Mace magazine’s top 100 most influential political consultants for 2021.