MONDAY 26 APR 2021 4:40 PM


Scientific and technical PR agency, Stone Junction, has recruited Billericay local and international relations graduate, Sabrina Dizdar, to join its rapidly expanding team of account executives.

Sabrina’s international understanding and love of science will support the company’s global vision, while assisting in the development of its client campaigns. She joins Stone Junction hoping to change the way young girls view science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers and highlight the range of roles available to women without a STEM degree.

“My Great Grandmother was one of the first women doctors to graduate in Turkey and she has always been a role model for me. I want to follow in her footsteps and follow a career in STEM, which I was passionate about during the early stages of my education but wasn’t encouraged to pursue," says Dizdar.

“Technical PR has already allowed me to use my love of science in a way that suits my skillset and open doors into a sector I thought was closed to me,” adds Dizdar.

Dizdar joins Stone Junction after obtaining a BA in International Relations at Queen Mary University of London. Her understanding of socio-economic trends and global relations will help her create thought-provoking content for Stone Junction’s clients and build relationships internationally.

Richard Stone, managing director of Stone Junction, says “Stone Junction believes passionately in recruiting young people, bringing them into our industry and preparing them for life as a PR consultant in the best way possible." 

“Of our current senior management team, 100 per cent of them joined within two years of graduation and the same is true of our next layer of management. Trusting and promoting the team at Stone Junction is always our first point of call, ahead of external recruitment for senior roles," adds Stone.